Infusing A.I. Into DevOps w/ JetDock

by | May 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

Organizations are always searching for ways to become more efficient and secure. With the rise of DevOps processes, organizations inevitably need to adopt, build, and deploy tools to support their growing development staff. These tools may include Jira, Confluence, Jenkins, MongoDB, and other applications and services on the marketplace.

With the list of tools growing, it’s important to keep all these tools organized, updated, and secure. This itself is a full-time job requiring multiple resources.

So, why not automate and consolidate your DevOps and DevSecOps processes?

Automatically Identify and Apply Updates

Imagine this: you have multiple tools deployed in your environment supporting your DevOps processes and most importantly – your development team. How do you keep on top of application updates and not interfere with your team’s support of these products?

One word: automation.

By having a tool intelligently pulling, scanning, testing and deploying updates as the updates to the applications are released ensures your environment remains secure and highly functional. This also enables your team to focus on continuing to provide DevOps tool support to your team.

Execute Security Scans

Categorizing and maintaining a list of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) and findings for your security team can be a real hassle, especially when its spread across multiple DevOps tools.

Why not automate? The ability to automatically integrate with Twistlock, Anchore, or other security scanning tools on the marketplace to build a centralized list of CVEs and maintain these will be an automatic win for you, your security team, and your IT Auditors.

JetDock – the AI DevSecOps Platform

We focused on automation in this blog – but which tool on the marketplace is right for you?

JetDock – Ascend’s DevOps tool which enables the automation and deployment of new DevOps tools using AI and Machine Learning to automatically build, scan, and deploy containerized applications. Using state of the art frameworks, JetDock can be deployed securely within your environment and becomes a DevOps consolidation tool for your team; a one-stop-shop for maintaining your DevOps environment. The tool has already shown success with the U.S. Air Force, obtaining funding through AFWERX contracts and use in the Platform One program.

Interested in finding out more or want a demo of JetDock? Contact us here: