We are an Atlassian Silver Partner and web development firm, specializing in providing Federal and Commercial clients Atlassian solutions.


Constant innovation is key to any organization’s success. Innovation through technology, improved business processes, or strategy must be consistent and align with the organization’s goals. Our founders saw the need for a firm to not only provide organizations with advanced solutions, but also arrive at these solutions through originality and creativity. Understanding the market needs and adapting to and monitoring change requires expert resources. Created by experienced consultants who continue to provide fresh approaches to system implementation, Agile, and DevOps. Through originality, we create advanced system solutions, and enable your organization to do more.


Our consultants and Principal Consultants are experienced professionals who provide Subject Matter Expertise, vision, and innovation to multiple organizations through Ascend. Our Principals share a common vision, to provide quality Agile IT, and DevOps services while helping organizations exceed their goals.

Michael Brown

Michael Brown


Michael is the CEO of Ascend Integrated. He has worked across small, medium and large organizations implementing Agile solutions, including SCRUM, Kanban, and SAFe methodologies. He is a certified Agile expert, and an Atlassian Tool expert certified in JIRA Administration and implementing agile features and functions across JIRA.



Director of Operations

Shaun is the Lead Architect and Web Designer at Ascend Integrated. He specializes in JIRA and Confluence add-ons, configurations, and upgrades. Along with Atlassian products, he works to manage and develop web solutions, implementing websites, web apps, and mobile apps through the use of WordPress, Drupal, and custom implementations.



Design Director

Ben has worked with several startups, small and medium-sized companies as a strategy and marketing consultant. His experiences span across a variety of industries, including eCommerce, Healthcare IT and Financial Services. Combining his interest in marketing, analytics and technology, Ben specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), UX Design, and Atlassian Tool.


We are an Atlassian Silver Partner and web development firm, specializing in providing Federal and Commercial clients Atlassian solutions (JIRA / Confluence / BitBucket, etc.), implementing agile methodologies, and web development and design using Drupal and WordPress.

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