JetDock: The Future of smart DevOps.

Automate your entire DevOps process and container deployment capabilities with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and tying together Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift into one tool. 

Streamline your DevOps Process

JetDock is a secure DevSecOps portal providing a one-stop-shop for continuous updates, security scans, and deployments of application containers. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (Al), smart agents, a command line interface (CLI) and chat bot to increase a team’s capability to rapidly deploy applications for projects. With a simple command, a user can pull down a software patch or application, run security scans and tests, and deploy it into an environment of their choice .

Make DevOps Agile

Tested and proven with the U.S. Military, JetDock is a one-stop-shop for building, scanning, and deploying containerized applications across small and large organizations. Hosted in your environment or in a secure cloud, JetDock enables your team to quickly and easily deploy updates to mission critical applications.

Automate Builds

Using an advanced AI, JetDock works to automatically update your containerized applications with state of the art frameworks CARAS & TENSORFLOW. Plug JetDock into your infrastructure to automatically scan for updates and apply patches as needed.

Security Scan your Containers

Integrate with security scanning tools such as Anchor and Twistlock to automatically scan and review CVEs. Track and manage CVEs as your vendors and application developers justify, prioritize, and implement updates to fix findings.

Deploy & Update

Make deployment a breeze. Deploy your updated containers across your environment. Integrate with Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift to build, scan, deploy, and update containerized applications. 

Real-Time CLI and Chat Capabilties

Built with functionality in mind, fans of CLIs will love the ability to define DevOps deployment commands and capabilities using Natural Language. JetDock works with you with a Machine Learning algorithm to automatically determine when containers will need to be deployed and how, based on your interactions. 


DevOps AI

Simplify the management of your DevOps tools. Using the latest frameworks, we automatically query and update your containers with available binaries and software available from specific vendors you select. Choose whether you’d like this to occur weekly, monthly, quarterly, or manually so you can test in your own environment. 


Scan and find known (and new) vulnerabilities in the tools you are hosting for your team. Our scanning integrations plug directly into your containers and provide full CVE reports, including known vulnerabilities, and critical vulnerabilities. 



Familiar with the command line, or prefer the technical side of secure container deployment? Our built in CLI capabilities will allow you to update, scan, and build out your entire infrastructure in minutes. Write custom deployment and consolidation scripts to ensure your infrastructure stays up-to-date and highly functional for your team.

Reporting & Analytics

Interactive reports and charts available to you and your team at your finger tips. Automatically build and send application reports, including number of CVEs, scan results, and deployment outcomes.

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