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Located in Boca Raton, FL, Lynn University is a private university founded in 1962 providing bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. The University supports upwards of 2,000+ undergraduate students, and has a well defined and mature IT infrastructure and team.

The Challenge:

Lynn University is going through an agile, support desk, and DevOps transformation. After investigating multiple project management software tools, Lynn University decided to implement the Atlassian Tool Suite (Jira Software, Service Desk, Confluence, and Status Page) across their organization. This will allow faculty and students to easily interact with help and technical support services, and enable development teams to easily track and manage their software development projects.

The Solution:

Ascend Integrated was brought in by Lynn University to discuss processes, develop processes and procedures based on the agile initiatives, and finally to implement these processes through Jira Software, Service Desk and Confluence. Ascend worked with Lynn University in installing, configuring, and implementing the Atlassian Tool Suite. Ascend Integrated ensured all requirements were met and delivered to Lynn University, and held beta testing / User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with multiple departments before rolling it out to the student and faculty bodies.


Ascend Integrated continues to support Lynn University in the capacity of an Atlassian expert and Agile / DevOps consulting specialist. The system is used by the faculty and students for tracking and managing trouble tickets / issues. The system is also used by both the project management team and development team to track and manage software development initiatives, projects, and upgrades.


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October 15, 2018