Red Roof Inn is a large Hotel chain operating internationally and across the United States. As part of their expansion efforts, they are looking to leverage new Project Management tools and processes to help grow with their organization.

The Challenge:

Red Roof Inn has multiple systems/tools used for project management and multiple processes for managing teams. After reaching out to Ascend Integrated, Red Roof decided to move forward in implementing JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, and Confluence to be used across the organization.

The Solution:

Ascend Integrated began interviewing with teams to document AS-IS and TO-BE processes and system architectures. Using these processes and requirements, Ascend Integrated implemented these changes/updates into a JIRA Cloud/Confluence Cloud solution for Red Roof Inn. Agile processes, including Scrum and Kanban were implemented with the teams, along with integrations with multiple tools using add-ons/apps. Ascend Integrated also worked to set up a CMDB tool using a 3rd party application.


Processes are not a “one and done”, but a continued endeavor that evolves with the organization. The migration to the new tools, along with the processes was successful, and Red Roof now has visibility across Jira issues, help desk requests/issues, and documentation, directly improving performance and providing them the springboard to continue to grow as an organization. Ascend continues to support the Red Roof team following the implementation.