Micron Technologies is a large publicly traded producer of solid state-drives, storage devices, and RAM. They have multiple dispersed teams using Jira Software and Confluence server for collaboration and project management.

The Challenge:

Micron’s use of Jira and Confluence continued to grow past the originally anticipated capacity of several hundred users. There was full time DevOps engineers dedicated to utilizing and maintaining the Atlassian Tool Suite, along with integrating the Atlassian tools with third-party apps such as Jenkins for build and deployment. Micron needed a scalable solution that would be able to handle the load put onto it through multiple concurrent users.

The Solution:

Working with cPrime, Ascend Integrated compiled a list of recommendations, included recommended add-ons/apps, and the importance of migrating to a Jira and Confluence Data Center environment to accommodate additional performance and functionality capabilities. Third-party apps and REST API integrations were also explored, along with the modification/updates of Velocity Templates for outgoing emails. Ascend provided maintenance and support services for Jira and Confluence.


Micron Technology Integrated Jenkins into their Jira instance, and was able to implement the performance updates/configurations successfully. Their Jira instance continues to be used across multiple branches and departments in the organization.