The Jira Mobile Plugin – A Review

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Ascend Blog, Atlassian, Jira

As of Jira version 8.3 released this year, Jira can integrate with a mobile app developed by Atlassian. The plugin comes standard in 8.3, but you can view it here: Mobile Plugin for Jira.

In some areas, it shows promise, but we are also finding others where improvement is needed. This article is a brief overview of the free Mobile app for Jira Server and Data Center.

Logging In

To connect your Jira instance, you will need to first download from the Android or iPhone app store. For this blog, I’ll be using my iOS device and connecting it to one of our sandbox instances (running 8.4.2). To connect, add your URL and add your credentials.

Figure 1: Logging In

Accessing Jira Software Projects

Projects and boards were easily accessible when first logging in, allowing you to navigate to your SCRUM or Kanban board quickly. As shown in the figure below, the board was available with drag+drop touch capabilities.

Figure 2: SCRUM Board Example

Opening an issue was simple as well; by tapping on the issue, you were able to open the issue details. All fields, including custom and system fields, were visible in the app.

Figure 3: Opening an Issue

Issue Searching

No JQL necessary – search is based on pre-selected filters and free-text search as shown below.

Figure 4: Free Text Search

Transitioning and Editing Issues

Transitioning and Editing Issues is accomplished by opening and editing the issue’s fields on-the-fly. Note any permissions you have access to on the server will be active in the mobile app as well. To transition an issue, you can click on the transition, and the options in the workflow will be available to you.

Figure 5: Transitioning Issues

Known Limitations

There are some known limitations/workarounds for the mobile app.

  • Currently, it does not support Service Desk (see the figure below)
  • No support for connecting through a VPN (unless you have this set up on your phone)
  • It may have issues connecting to an instance utilizing an SSL certificate (if the certificate is self-signed).

These configurations/workarounds are forthcoming, and beta versions of the app showed promise around the Service Desk and Software implementations. Also – looking for Dashboards? You won’t find any here, unfortunately.

Figure 6: Jira Service Desk Project View

Our Recommendation? Try it!

Check it out and see if it’s the right fit for your team. If you have a more advanced implementation, we recommend reviewing some of the other mobile apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. Have questions? Feel free to drop us a line! Get In Touch