Train Your Service Desk Customer: End walk ups, emails and Service Portal Anxieties

by | Jun 30, 2019 | Uncategorized

So you’ve got a great service desk system like Jira Service Desk in place, but customers are still sending emails directly to you for password resets or new hardware purchases. While adoption has gone well for some customers, others still want that personal interaction to allay their fears of choosing the wrong software license type or ensuring an employee gets onboarded within the week. How can we continue to deliver great personalized customer service while also promoting comfort and ease-of-use around your new Jira Service Desk? Here are some ideas:

  1. Name your Service Desk: Sometimes having a system with a name and a mascot help to personalize a system so that users feel more comfortable using it. For example, you could name your system “SANDY” and create logo character based on one of your brands as a mascot. Your customer can think of it as asking SANDY a question rather than just typing a question into the Confluence knowledge base.
  2. Give Thanks for the Heads Up: Did one of your customers report a possible problem early that saved a system from going down? Perhaps they suggested a fix that helped an agent close a ticket. Find a way to recognize those who help put out fires before they start. It’s a great way to encourage other departments to look for proactive ways to prevent issues from cropping up.
  3. Customer Training: Maybe a customer is unsure of how to use the service desk and is still walking up to your desk or calling in issues? Be proactive, provide training and easily accessible videos to walk customers through the ticketing process so they are assured that you have received and are working on their request / issue. This could be a way to see from the customer’s perspective some ideas to improve your service desk processes, layout, and policies so that customers are more comfortable with the system. 
  4. Customer Usage Feedback: Too many fields for a user in the customer portal? Too many request or issue types? Simplify. It’s important for the user experience to have straight forward forms and easy to understand questions.
  5. Create Meaningful Satisfaction Surveys: Provide users the ability to submit satisfaction surveys and make them easily accessible. For instance, after a ticket is resolved / closed, send an email to the customer asking to complete a customer survey. Make sure you also leave room for suggestions so that feedback can be used to create a better experience.

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