OpenClinica is a Healthcare Data solutions provider, providing Cloud implementations for clients to help monitor, manage, and control their healthcare data.

The Challenge:

OpenClinica had a unique configuration/third-party SSO identity management platform configured with an older JIRA instance. OpenClinica wanted to both update their JIRA instance to 7+, but also maintain the unique configurations/custom integration using their third-party SSO. OpenClinica was also looking to migrate their instance from their servers to a custom Amazon EC2 instance.

The Solution:

Ascend Integrated developed (and later provided as an open source solution) a new integration tool for JIRA 7, which was required to be updated. Ascend Integrated also successfully upgraded their instance from 6 to the latest version of 7, maintaining custom third-party apps/add-ons and functionality. Ascend Integrated worked closely with the development/DevOps team to migrate the newly upgraded JIRA instance from their local servers to the AWS EC2 and provided detailed testing and analysis to ensure all applications were functioning.


The JIRA instance is in use today at OpenClinica, along with the customizations and configurations. Ascend Integrated continues to support OpenClinica as a JIRA SME and with EC2 DevOps support. JAR files developed/configured for the OpenClinica project, upon permission, were offered as a free Open Source solution downloaded and used by many users looking to integrate their JIRA instance with the SSO tool. A link can be found here: INTEGRATING JIRA AND SSO USING CAS