The Catholic Health (CHS) is a large non-profit comprehensive healthcare system formed in 1998. The organization provides health services through its network of hospitals and healthcare practitioners. The system brings together more than 9,000 associates and 1,300 physicians in Western New York healthcare market.

The Challenge:

CHS is undergoing major IT transformations and is in the process of shifting multiple tools and services to new IT systems. CHS contacted Ascend Integrated to help define their software development processes and project management processes, but also to implement Jira, Confluence, and Jira Portfolio throughout the healthcare network. Jira and Confluence would be used to support software and IT development, along with project management support and documentation.

The Solution:

Ascend Integrated, in a week was able to install and begin configuring Jira, Confluence, and Jira Portfolio for CHS. Ascend provided installation and configuration support, including process management support for agile, hybrid, and waterfall project management. Ascend Integrated provided architecture support and layout, and also worked closely with CHS to ensure all requirements were implemented correctly and in a timely fashion.


CHS is currently using Jira, Jira Portfolio, and Confluence for project management and tracking. It is now used across the healthcare system, and has been used for tracking the implementation of new tools and software being integrated / implemented into the system. Ascend continues to support the implementation at CHS Buffalo.