Atlassian Summit ’19 Recap

Atlassian Summit ’19 Recap

We were pleased to attend the Atlassian Summit this year, what a great turn out! Summit is a great way for Atlassian specialists, partners, and users to discuss the use of the Atlassian Tool Suite, along with reviewing up and coming functionality and capabilities of the tool suite. Here were some major announcements we saw and participated from Summit: 

Renewed Focus on Server

Atlassian emphasized its focus on server, with the recent release of Jira 8, and its upcoming release of Confluence 7. New releases include added functionality, improved searching & reporting capabilities, and performance enhancements. The server includes enhancements already built into the Cloud. 

Expansion of the Cloud

The Cloud is becoming the key product utilized by Fortune 500 firms. Recognizing this, Atlassian has increased the functionality capabilities of the Cloud. Atlassian announced an expansion of the Cloud capabilities to include ADFS integration, new integration capabilities, and an increased user count from 5,000 to 10,000. 

Industry days – what specialists are seeing

Ascend Integrated participated in a number of the industry days, including the Education / University and Government Industry session. We found many of the attendees were interested in understanding how to migrate from their server / data center instances to the cloud, and what it would entail. 

 OpsGenie > A Great Way to DevOps

New integration with Jira Cloud and Server were announced with OpsGenie. One of our specialists, Shaun Jones attended and participated in an OpsGenie session, and explained several use cases for OpsGenie, including text integration capabilities. A special Thank you to all those who visited our booth. We’re looking forward to the Government Symposium, and Summit 20! Have a great Summit experience? Contact Us!

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