MAGFest 2015 Indie Showcase: What do we want to see?

MAGFest 2015 Indie Showcase: What do we want to see?

We recently had the pleasure of registering to attend MAGFest 2015. For context, MAGFest is a 4-day event where video games from all generations, including independently (indie) developed video games are exhibited. There’s music, parties, and a great artistic outlet for many folks. If this sparks your interest, information can be found here:

So, after speaking with several folks who have attended MAGFest in the past and have been involved in the Video Game development community for a while, one of the highlights of MAGFest is the Indie Showcase. The Showcase provides Indie Game developers the ability to demonstrate their sweat, blood, and tears to the world. I’ve attended several Indie gaming events in the past, and these are by far some of the coolest folks I’ve ever met.


From a guest perspective, I can definitely think of several items I hopefully get to see when I visit in January. I know it’s a little far out, but man I cannot wait to see what they’ve accomplished!

  • Xbox One & PS4 Indie Development: Since Microsoft and Sony opened their doors to be more Indie friendly with their new platforms, several new titles and platforms have been developed. Now over one year later, it’ll be interesting to see how developers have leveraged the new graphical and gameplay capabilities built into the next gen.
  • Mobile Indies: One of the largest platforms for playing video games are already in our hands. The iPhone / Android platforms both have a large amount of mobile video game applications. Unity along with other gaming frameworks provides the ability for developers to develop and transfer their games onto mobile platforms. Without of course having to do all that awful objective-C programming!
  • Indie Panels: More indie panels and discussion boards. Fostering a community of indie developers and indie gamers is important for the future of video games. MAGFest already does a great job at this, and we’re hoping to see more panels / discussions / happy hours.

All in all, we thinks this is going to be a great show and would not miss it for the world! Looking forward to seeing you all in January. Bring a coat!

Logo Source: MAGFest